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Warriors Gymnastics' Parents Night Out is for children ages 5-14.  Enjoy three hours of fun including snack, arts and crafts, time on the gymnastic equipment, active games, and MORE!

Member Price: $30/child + $20/sibling

Non-member Price: $35 + $25/sibling

Pay in the office on the night of the event!

Calendar of events - please pre register to guarantee your spot(s)

Future Event Dates

Valentine's Day - Saturday, February 10

"May the Fourth" - Saturday, May 4

Proper Attire
All attendees: Take off socks and shoes once they arrive.
Long Hair must be tied back and off the face.
All dangling jewelry should be removed or not worn. (post earring are fine)
Attendees may wear sweatpants over shorts when not on gym equipment

For Girls, we recommend wearing any tight fitting t-shirts and shorts, a leotard with or without tight fitting shorts or leggings. No mid-drifts showing or jeans.  No baggy sweatpants while on gym equipment. 
Try to avoid dance leotards that have a skirt attached as they can get caught on equipment and rip.
For Boys, t-shirts and shorts, but nothing too baggy or oversized. No jeans. No baggy sweatpants while on gym equipment. 

Guidelines for Discipline
Children must listen and follow all instructions given by staff at all times.  

  • Treat other children, all staff, equipment and facilities with respect & care.  

  • Any participant found to be in possession of any drug, alcohol, tobacco product or weapon would be immediately dismissed from the program. 

  • NO refund will be issued.  

  • Any action that causes injury to another child, or may have caused injury had the staff not intervened, may result in immediate dismissal from the event. 

The safety of children is paramount and we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience.


Depending on the seriousness of the offense(s), any or all of the below listed consequences may be necessary. A refund will not be issued for dismissal from the event. 

  1. Verbal Warning 

  2. Redirections/Removal from Activity 

  3. Parent Notification  

  4. Dismissal from the event

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