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Warriors Preschool Academy: Where Learning Meets Movement!


Warriors Preschool Academy is a dynamic early childhood program designed to nurture the minds and bodies of three to five-year-old students. Our unique approach combines physical activity with academic themes to prepare children for kindergarten readiness. 


Program Highlights:

  • Learning through Movement: We believe in active learning! Our students participate in engaging gymnastics classes, promoting physical development and coordination while having fun.

  • Academic Themes: Each week, we explore a new academic theme, fostering curiosity and cognitive growth in our young learners.

  • Multifaceted Activities: Beyond gymnastics, our curriculum includes storytime, crafts, games, songs, and rhythm activities, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose between once or twice a week classes to suit your child's needs and your schedule.

  • 9-Month Journey: Our program runs for 9 months (September through May), ensuring comprehensive preparation for kindergarten.


At Warriors Preschool Academy, we empower your child to develop essential skills in an exciting and supportive environment. Join us in the journey of enhancing your child's readiness for kindergarten and beyond!

It is preferred that all students are potty trained, as our coaches will not be changing diapers.

Schedule and Tuition Information:

Classes are available Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 9:30am-12:00pm and run from September through May.

$135/month + 10% discount for additional day

Four month minimum enrollment required or pay a $50 early termination fee

$25 family membership required

Preschool Academy Registration

Four month minimum required.

*Parent Portal Instructions: Find Classes, Category 3 = Preschool Academy

Guidelines for Discipline
Children must listen and follow all instructions given by staff at all times.  

  • Treat other children, all staff, equipment and facilities with respect & care.  

  • Any action that causes injury to another child, or may have caused injury had the staff not intervened, may result in immediate dismissal. 

The safety of children is paramount and we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience.


Depending on the seriousness of the offense(s), any or all of the below listed consequences may be necessary. A refund will not be issued for dismissal. 

  1. Verbal Warning 

  2. Redirections/Removal from Activity 

  3. Parent Notification  

  4. Dismissal from the program

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